Powering the internet with

continuous authentication.

Zero passwords from log in to checkout.


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Despite over five billion internet users, who's behind the device is still unknown.

Zally will change that.

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The problem

Passwords are bad for business.

Modern authentication solutions only serve as a facade and fail to protect.

global e-commerce losses due to online payment fraud expected in 2024.

Despite security hoops, customers:

  • Reuse the same password over and over again.
  • Create a password and then forget it and reset it later; most abandon the process and never return.

of consumers abandon carts, resulting in $260b in lost revenue annually.

Online fraud is a huge problem.

As fraudsters advance, point-in-time methods cannot keep up.

cumulative losses to online payment fraud globally between now and 2027.

  • Fraudsters are challenging to distinguish from genuine customers, resulting in revenue losses and frustrated customers.
  • A more detailed set of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations will be implemented in the EU under PSD3.​

Failure to apply SCA will result in fraud liability.

of organizations having been victims of payments fraud attacks in 2021.

Bad authentication is a bad experience.

The current market:

of online shoppers lost their money on website scams.   

  • only add friction and prevent genuine customers from completing their payments
  • alienate the elderly, people with disabilities and non-digital savvy consumers
  • provide no personalisation or meaningful customer statistics since most authentication occurs at checkout.

of consumers who initiate a password reset flow abandon it.

The solution

Our mission

Embrace your uniqueness to unlock the world.


Zero passwords. Just you.

Know who is behind the device, continuously.

Where passwords get weaker over time,
Zally just gets stronger.

Zally is the world's answer to seamless security.

Meet Zally

Powering the internet without passwords

knowing exactly who is behind the device at all times.

Every movement you make, from raising your phone to your ear, tapping the screen to typing on your laptop or desktop, generates valuable behavioural data.

These behavioural biometric interactions and Zally's powerful AI reveals patterns in human activity producing an ever-evolving profile unique to you and only you.

Graph line of data to show the users activity.
Horizontal line to show the threshold of activity to authenticate the user.
Zia – name to show the user's behavioural patterns.
A line on emojis to illustrate the daily activities we engage in that can help to train Zally's AI model to know who is behind the device.

Zally, the new, simple way to authenticate users.

The UX

Say hello to the new, simple way to authenticate users.

Zally enables online businesses to create experiences that engage and retain users, leading to an easier, faster, personalised and more secure authentication flow, ultimately boosting revenue.

Image of the Zally log in and continuous authentication training, showing a progress bar and modal overlay of the Zally user profile. The modal floats above the zally.com home page, mockup.
The UX

You're signing up for the last time!

Sign up with just a mobile number.
A Zally account is created.
Train our AI model using our intuitive mobile app.
No more passwords, ever!


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In motion, young woman in a movement to symbolise the behavioural biometrics used to authenticate Zally users.